Have a Healthy Landscape With Our Kitchener Irrigation Repair Services

Petter, one of our Kitchener irrigation repair techs is making some adjustementsSprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems are great ways to keep your landscape healthy, fresh, and green. A typical yard, with both planting beds and grassy areas, can benefit from both types of irrigation systems. The homeowner or business owner always saves money and time with these systems. Get in touch with our Kitchener irrigation repair team today.

Water Conservation

When you water your yard by hand, it's very easy to overwater plants. Much of the water ends up running off into other parts of your yard, which wastes that water or contributes to overwatering other sections of your yard. Since it's so difficult to water precisely with a hose, water waste is inevitable. Sprinkler systems cut down on that by distributing water evenly across a set coverage area. The sprinkler system only sprays as much water as you tell it to. Drip irrigation systems are even more effective. They drip water out of hoses at specific places, directly next to the plant base or root and use even less water than sprinklers. To find out how much water you can conserve, call 519-804-3220 today.

You Save Money And Time

Less water used means a smaller water bill. Over time, the systems will earn back money through your utility bills and it's easy to justify the expense. Since you don't have to do the watering yourself, you're freeing up that much of your own time.

Irrigation Can Prevent Fungi And Disease

a perfectly working sprinkler system maintained by our team in Kitchener, ONThe best time of day to water is in the early morning, for a few reasons:

  • Plants are nourished for the upcoming daylight hours.
  • By the time dawn arrives, much of the water has evaporated and it's harder for disease and fungi to grow.
  • Drip irrigation delivers water straight to the base of plants.

Leaves and stems don't get moistened, making it harder for fungi and disease to take hold. However, not many people want to wake up early every morning. That's why sprinklers and drip systems are so handy. They get up and water whenever you tell them to.

They Keep Landscapes Healthy And Lush

Since these systems deliver water precisely, every single time, there's no worry about overwatering, underwatering, or missing a spot. Properly maintained sprinkler and irrigation systems will keep your landscape healthy and green and you don't have to lift a finger. To schedule an appointment in Kitchener-Waterloo, call 519-804-3220 today.

Sprinkler systems and irrigation systems are great for people who want lush lawns that take care of themselves. However, like all types of equipment and hardware, they can run into problems. We repair and install systems on a daily basis. If you've got a problem that needs solving, get in touch. We'll send someone to your property for an on-site inspection as soon as possible. For a free quote and on-site inspection, call 519-804-3220 today.
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Common Sprinkler Problems in Kitchener-Waterloo

Here are some of the most common issues that we fix for our clients:

Broken Parts

after one week the coverage problem was fixed in Kitchener-WaterlooBroken rotor heads, for instance, are quite common. It's easy for a runaway child, animal, or lawn mower to damage a sprinkler head. Fortunately, we stock all major brands, from Rain Bird and Toro to Irritrol and Nelson. We replaced countless sprinkler heads last year – and will do the same this year.


A leak can occur when pipes or hoses get ruptured. Leaks can also occur when a connector becomes damaged or worn. Other broken components can also create leaks. No matter what the cause, we'll find it and fix it.

Coverage Problems or Spray Pattern Problems

When your spray pattern seems off or you notice a dry spot, then you'll need your coverage area adjusted. Sprinkler heads are a common source of this problem, but clogs or other issues could be the culprit. Let us know what you need and we'll fix it.

Station Malfunctions

If one of your station stops working, we'll find the problem and fix it. The source could be wiring, a broken valve, a clog, or a number of other problems. Call 519-804-3220 and a team member will find out what's wrong and get the problem fixed. When your sprinkler system stops working, your lawn is at risk. Prevent damage to your lawn by calling our sprinkler repair specialists at 519-804-3220. We'll send a technician to your property for an on-site inspection and we'll present an immediate solution.

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